What are the 4 C’s?2016-12-24T12:25:22+00:00
Great question! The 4 C’s are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Check out our Jewelry 101 page for more information!
Can you build custom jewelry?2017-01-27T04:16:37+00:00
Absolutely! Here at Brand Jewelry, our job is to build you whatever you see fit. If your imagination takes you beyond what we have here in the store, we will make sure to design you a new piece and have it come to life. Check out our custom page for more!
Can you resize jewelry?2016-12-24T12:25:22+00:00
Of course! Bring in your piece of jewelry and we’ll take care of it for you.
If I bring a drawing in, can you build the piece?2016-12-24T12:25:22+00:00
Whether you are a beautiful painter or an artist of stick figures, we will make sure we take your idea and recreate the image the best we can. Then, we will do our finest to make that drawing come into reality.